Re: Summary of Transparent proxy/How-to

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 1997 22:25:46 +0100

Dancer wrote:

> Shouldn't the server be returning a location: header (okay, so
> maybe it's wishful thinking) specifying the canonical URL of
> the retrieved object?

No. Location: is not used in that way. Location: is used when a object
is moved to a new location (redirect), and similar situations.

You are thinking on Content-Location, but by security reasons it is not
useful in this context ("correcting" the server part of a URL). It Squid
used this header, then anyone could set up a server that injects a fake
home page into a Squid cache.

By security reasons cache key (URL) needs to be from the actual request,
and possibly some variables from the response added to that (not done at
the moment).

Henrik Nordström
Received on Wed Dec 10 1997 - 14:23:21 MST

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