Controlling access to www with squid

From: Jeffrey Borg <>
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 1997 08:57:32 +1100

I am trying to do for a school a system that will allow either
one of two things.

1) Entry to squid via a password form, also telling how long the
student would like to use the workstation for internet access
in case they leave without logging out and it would log out
automatically? (This would be based on IP address)

2) Entry to squid via another web interface that would let a
, whole lot of computers on at the same time? (would be used for
a class to let the whole lab use the computers for web access)

Also we would like with the first option to include some sort
of hour based system or a mb downloaded from the cache based
system? (It would be more likely based on the hour with a charge
of $1 per hour for personal use.)

We do pay for internet access by the MB

Has anyone seen something like this (it don't matter if the
update time for this is something like 30 sec. and while the
computer is logged out we still want access to the local sites
and information and web based E-Mail services)

OH it's on a linux box! (if it makes any diff anyway)

Thanks in advance
Jeffrey Borg
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