Proxy pausing

From: Craig Heading <>
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 1997 18:22:42 +1100

A few minutes ago, our link was running at 100% utilization for about 5
mins straight. I went to one computer and looked up the sydney morning
herald ( and also Hewlett Packards site
After getting it on one puter, I went to one next to it and went to the
same site. Although I am sure the stuff came from the cache (I was
reading the herald earlier today and looking at HP earlier also), it had
very long pauses before displaying each object. No doubt checking if its
up-to-date or not and these checks taking forever due to 100%
utilization. Surely getting a page within five minutes of just getting
it on another computer shouldn't necessitate the checking of freshness
of objects again should it?

the drive only has 3 gig out of 10 gig total set aside for cache.

any help appreciated

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