RE: Sibling/parent cache setup for load balancing

From: Armando Reis <>
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 1997 11:08:29 +0100

Have you tried 2 A records with short TTL values??
]in theory] it should alternate between those 2 addresses...

Armando Reis

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From: Kevin Withnall []
Sent: domingo, 14 de dezembro de 1997 3:45
Subject: Sibling/parent cache setup for load balancing

I have a problem that i hope squid can solve for me.

I have 2 distinct internet feeds from two sites that hae a link betewwn
them. eg.

Site A has a 64K to Internet
Site B has a 64K to Internet
Site A has a 64K to Site B

If a user at site A has a http request, I would like the proxy used to
cycle to the lowest usage link, or in the worst case, the next in the
list link.

ie, I would like the client to request a document from Site A proxy,
then Site B proxy then Site A Proxy etc... I looked at multiple A
records in the dns for a proxy but netscape only resolves the name once
and keeps the address.

I thought maybe a two level squid cache which has multiple A records for
a parent might do the trick ?

Any help would be appreciated.

Kevin Withnall

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