RE: MS IE 4.0 and ftp problems

From: Gatt, Noel <>
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 1997 10:09:46 -0600

Your problem is related with the generated HTML sent back to the
browser, which includes references to icons. The icons would generally
reside on a web server near you, ideally the prxoy server itself. In
squid.conf, you can define the ftpget_options, as follows :

ftpget_options -p http://web-server/images/ -s .gif

-p specifies the server and directory

-s specifies the file extension

The CERN gif icons are widely used for this purpose.

Hope this helps.


Noel Gatt

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>From: Craig Shrimpton []
>Sent: Monday, December 15, 1997 5:55 AM
>Subject: MS IE 4.0 and ftp problems
>It seems that MSIE and Squid don't seem to work well in my setup. While
>http is o.k., ftp is not.
>Ftp gets basically hang the browser after a few directory accesses and
>the whole thing goes dead (no modem activity when clicking on refresh,
>home, etc) until I go into the options and turn-off the proxy.
>It is particularly troublesome on th MS site. One thing I do notice is
>the URLs are a bit different between MSIE and Netscape. All the ftp
>URLs for the MS site include "internal-gopher-menu" like so:
>882160512.318 2405 TCP_MISS/500 896 GET
> -
>DIRECT/ text/html
>I don't get the internal-gopher-menu when I use Netscape and I don't
>have any trouble with Netscape either.
>I have only noticed this problem after upgrading to 1.1.18 from 1.1.10.
>However, it may have always been there as a user brought it to my
>My system is FreeBSD 2.2.5-STABLE with Squid 1.1.18
>Any help is appreciated.
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