Squid 1.1.15.NOVM - Linux 2.0.0 - FIREWALL

From: Edierley Batista Messias <ebm@dont-contact.us>
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 1997 16:42:31 -0400

Hi people of squid-users

I'm filtering packets on my site and all requests
should pass to the machine with the Proxy Squid
I need only to configure my WWW Clients to connect to my local site?
The people on Internet doesn't need to do this?

My machine has 16 MB of RAM, and in the squid.conf is configured
with cache_mem 3, is this correct? Some pages cached doesn't works.
The Proxy connect to the real server on most of times?

Some one knows a good Estatistic Tool to Proxy Squid, I try most
of them on the Official Page but didn't work?

Edierley Messias
Received on Mon Dec 15 1997 - 14:26:21 MST

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