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From: Hisashi Watanabe <h-watanabe@dont-contact.us>
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 1997 13:36:20 +0900

I'm going to run the Squid on SunOS 4.1.3.
And, I found a description that is giving me a little
bit of trouble.

My understanding about descriptions in paragraph
"Private Objects" on "Squid Features -
Release Notes for version 1.0 of the Squid cache" is

1. The Squid gives objects 'public' or 'private' status.

2. The Squid gives objects private status when they are
   loaded for the first time, and only objects which are
   sent to multiple clients at the same time are able
   to be public.
   Being requested by multiple clients is neccessary for
   objects to become public.

3. Public objects will be saved on disk, and private
   objects will be abondoned.

My questions are

1. Are the assumptions above correct

2. If correct , do I have a way to make the Squid to save
   objects which are sent to "a" client.
   I mean that once a person on a LAN have gotten an object,
   I want the Squid to save the object on disk for future
   use of other clients.

3. How is it about the Squid 1.1.x

I beg your pardon for troubling you, but could you do me
a favor and mail any information to h-watanabe@kyoto-be.ne.jp ?

Thank you.
// Hisashi Watanabe
// Kyoto prefectural sagano high school
// E-mail h-watanabe@kyoto-be.ne.jp
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