From: Dodd Graham Civ UCSS/SCBS <>
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 1997 10:58:51 +0100

I've got a strange problem with redirector's

Everything was working fine with squid on one Linux box and Apache
(1.1.3-3) on another Linux box, custom redirector was doing what it was
supposed to.

Decided to run Apache (1.2.4-5) on the squid box to free up the old
linux box for other stuff.

In the file acl-url.conf the entries for redirect work, the deny entries
will not work. In the access.log it shows a URLdeny entry, in
/var/log/messages I get the following error:

Dec 17 11:50:28 rpc2 squid[26454]: urlParse: Invalid port == 0

Is this to do with the newer Apache or have I got another problem.


Graham K Dodd
Network Systems Analyst
DSN: 480-5670 / 5233
Fax : 480-2332
Received on Wed Dec 17 1997 - 02:13:44 MST

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