Re: Squid.1.15.NOVM - Linux 2.0.0

From: Mark Lowes <>
Date: Sat, 20 Dec 1997 09:16:09 GMT

In article <> you write:
>> My machine is a Pentium with 100Mhz, 16MB and 1.7GB of Hard-Disk.
>> Do you know what the minimum configuration to run Squid proxy Cache,
>> with no problems?
>For a while, while testing, I ran squid *quite sucessfully* for a small
>group of people (ie, about 20 machines) on a 486DX4/75 machine with only
>(yuck!) 4Mb of physical RAM. I *thought* it had 16 at the time, but nope,
>was only 4. It was running BSDI 2.0.1 unix at the time, and squid
>1.early-something on a 1Gb drive. It ran without falling over, for about
>a month, and was happily making about 18% hits on that small userbase.

I'm running quite nicely on a P75(ish might be more), 64Mb ram with
a 3.5Gb spool for an ISP using 1.18NOVM. Since the upgrade from 32 to
64 it's been a lot happier, swap doesn't happen any more. My next
task is to get more of the users to hit the cache *grin*, time for
redirecting port 80 methinks, then I can justify the hardware

Now how much would four 4gb disks cost.... *grin*


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