Re: Squid.1.15.NOVM - Linux 2.0.0

From: Dave Zarzycki <>
Date: Sat, 20 Dec 97 12:01:07 -0800

On 12/20/97 10:04 AM, George M. Ellenburg ( wrote:

>I've heard that the Linux Core Team is playing around with the idea for
>transparent proxies, can squid be set up for this as well; or would there
>be some ACL changes in a router?

I haven't heard of the Linux Core Team before, but Linux does support
Transparent Proxying of any port. Squid can work fine with this setup.

>My org is completely BSDI/ FreeBSD based with Cisco Routers. I'd like to
>set up a Squid Proxy Server (for HTTP rquests only, not FTP or Real Audio/
>etc.) and have it running on our firewall; but I'd like to make it as
>transparent as possible to the user. Any suggestions?

Run Linux. ;-)

Or since you're organization is happy with BSD, you might want to hunt
around for a BSD solution.


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