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Date: Sat, 20 Dec 97 22:08:07 -0800

On 12/20/97 9:47 PM, Patrick ( wrote:

>it sounds like a good "cause" how does it speed up the process? i am not
>doubting that it does because i have seen prof. proxy servers, etc.

Two reasons:

It takes time to fetch stuff from the internet, no matter how fast your
connection is.

There is no reason to transmit the same bytes more than once over a slow
link, when it can be used for something else.

>> The first question I have to ask is, have you compiled your kernel with
>> the necessary options?

including ip_forwarding, transparent proxy, etc?
>> What version of squid are you using?

Err... You might want to update...

>> What distribution of Linux are you using? version?

Great, that's your kernel version, what distribution of Linux are you
using? RedHat, Slackware, Debian, etc. and what version of the respective

>i tried to run squid but then it complains because the httpd is using port
>80 and it cant..

What are your firewalling rules?


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