Understanding DNS service

From: Andre Coetzee <acoetzee@dont-contact.us>
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 1997 08:36:50 -0800


I am (still) battling with DNS lookups, which are triggering diald
(automatic on-demand dialler) to dial out even when requested URLs are
already in the squid cache.

My configuration is Linux 2.0.12; diald 0.16; ppp 2.2.0; squid 1.1.18

My question to the panel is: "Do I need to run BIND (named) in order to
locally resolve DNS names that are already in the squid cache or am I
duplicating some of the squid functions by running named?"

When diald is not running, squid quite happily does its job, but the
moment I run diald, it dials out for each DNS lookup regardless whether
its in the cache or not.

Someone suggested it is because Squid will always try to verify its
contents from the internet if it can. If this is so, can I change this
default behaviour so that Squid will only verfify its contents on
request, or when the ppp connection is up?

I have already experimented with named. I find that I have to use the -r
(no-recursion) option to avoid incredibly long timeouts when diald is
not running, so I must restart named when I run diald. Also, named seems
to want to update its cache contents a bit too frequently for my liking.

If I can get squid and diald to co-exist without named, I will be a
Happy Chappie.
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