Re: Squid running as root

From: Merton Campbell Crockett <>
Date: Sat, 27 Dec 1997 08:36:09 -0800 (PST)

On Fri, 26 Dec 1997, Roch Pageau wrote:

} I have added this line in my rc.local to run the squid proxy server,
} but am not sure how to get it to run as someone other than root.
} if [ -f /usr/local/squid/etc/squid.conf ] ; then
} echo -n ' squid'; /usr/local/squid/bin/RunCache &
} fi

This is from our BSD/OS 3.1 rc file and should be approximately the same as
that for BSD/OS 3.0.

  if [ -f /var/www/conf/squid.conf ]; then
          echo -n ' squid'; /var/www/squid/bin/start-squid

At most, we may have modified where squid is installed. As you can see the
script causes squid to run as www.

  # start-squid.sample,v 1.2 1996/12/10 04:50:09 dlu Exp
  # Run squid in a known environment. This is the place to adjust system
  # resource limits if you are running a particulaly big or busy cache.
  # You probably also want to review the settings in your configuation file.

  NAME="Squid HTTP Proxy"

  cd $HOME

  # This is pretty restrictive, but if you are using cachemgr.cgi
  # passwords will be logged in /var/log/squid/access.log.
  umask 077

  # Set resource limits. These values set an upper bound on squid's
  # resource consumption and will need to be changed if you increase the
  # limits in you configuration file (/var/www/conf/squid.conf by default).
  limit datasize 32768 kilobytes
  limit openfiles 4096
  limit memoryuse 14520 kilobytes

  # Start squid, it will run until shutdown (either naturally or not).
  daemon squid -U

Merton Campbell Crockett
GTE Government Systems, ESD/ISO
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