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Thank you very much for the information. I am still tweaking it.



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OK here are the answers. (I am in the same sort of situation)
I have a perm modem connection to the internet with a linux box
on all the time)(

>1. The term "proxy" is a bit ambiguous. Does it mean to conceal
>the real host (as in firewalling)? Or is this usage meant to show
>that it relieves one or more hosts from excess workload? [I really
>did not understand, but I assumed the latter.]

PROXY - You are right here and squid can do that - It also can
cache which is sometimes called a caching proxy - to put it very
simply, works like your local netscape cache a bit, but
it can be used by lots of client's at once - The first is true
the latter is also true but for your use don't worry about it.

It will also work when your computer that has linux is
connected to two networks and carn't route - Then proxying
software has to be used (I wouldn't use this way anyway - Just
use IP Masquerading!) Squid even works in that situation
But I assume that you can route!

You know that squid is not a firewall! OK

>2. When you say "server" do you include a network gateway machine?
>Or does squid have to run on a web server? I run a Linux box
>essentially as an ISDN router. Will squid function on the
>gateway/router to cache http and ftp traffic between my LAN of 5
>workstations and the Internet?

Ok you are correct about the caching here - it can run with a
web server and can operate out of port 80 with http accel!
but you seem only to have personal uses for it and you
can configure the workstations so I wouldn't really worry

>3. I really did read the install instructions. However, they are
>very brief. Can you offer any suggestions as to which options to
>implement for an Internet gateway box?

Very simple - With most stuff on linux that has to be complied
it is pertty much automatic - Just unpack into a directory and
from the root directory just type 'make all' this will usually
do the trick for most stuff -
Make all or make install should stick the program in
you will have to edit the /usr/local/squid/etc/squid.conf
file to set options like access controls and cache size and
which port to run off etc.

>4. Why is the httpd-accel mode http_port 80? How would you use
>remote administration in this case?

Don't worry about it in your case! - It is used as a cache
in front of very very very very busy http servers to reduce the
load of the server and leave it free for cgi requests -
IT does work as novell put squid in front of their http servers
and noticed the load reduced quite a lot! then they made their
own product and flogged that off!

>5. Can you offer any general warnings/suggestions/things to look
>out for?
I don't know I didn't have any

(just E-Mail be back personally if you want any more help)

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