Proxy auth-solved :)

From: S Prabhakar <>
Date: Sat, 3 Jan 1998 13:13:30 +0530

Hi everyone,

The problem i reported regarding proxy_auth is solved..the mistake
is i have given password even for miss_access and user name
doesnt go to aclProxyauth call when it is thru miss_access...
so it was denied..i removed it from squid.conf and now it is

Thanks for all the feed back on it..

Prabhakar S

>>My conf file is something like this:
>>acl prabhakar src <ipaddr>/
>>acl password proxy_auth /tmp/passwd
>>http_access allow prabhakar password
>>http_access deny all
>>miss_access allow prabhakar password
>>miss_access deny all
>>I have compiled the source with _DUSE_PROXY_AUTH=1
>>and browser asks for password. I have created the file
>>using htpasswd that comes with apache. But
>>i get the error message saying access denied even after
>>typing correct password..Is algorithm for encryption/decryption
>>changed? This the error message in access.log:
>> - - [31/Dec/1997:11:50:49 +0530] "GET"
>> sprabu - [31/Dec/1997:12:20:49 +0530] "GET
>>Did i do something wrong? I will really appreciate is someone could
>>help me out of it.
>Prabhakar S
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