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From: Doug McClure <closer@dont-contact.us>
Date: Sun, 4 Jan 1998 01:33:55 -0500

We've just started running Squid 1.19 on IRIX 6.2 and are seeing this
behavior more and more frequently:

>The "Squid" doe not work in an important environment for me.
>This is when I am participating in an auction setup with many pages and
>lists. Error messages from ebay while on ebay auction site saying caused
>by squid proxy, hangups at ebay and netscape, and no data in document
>from Netscape while on ebay site. There site is the following:
>http://cayman.ebay.com/ (selling over 100,000 items on auctions of
>3 to 7 days).

Any ideas? If it helps large http file transfers start out fast and slow to
a crawl also.


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