From: Guido Laubner <>
Date: Sun, 4 Jan 1998 17:09:54 +0100 (MET)

Hi folks,
i've got a question on "RETRY_CONNECT".
On my cache machine (PC, FreeBSD-2.2.1) i did experience "connect"
system call timeouts when using suid (1.1.18) as ftp proxy.
Strange enough, i've not seen it using squid as http proxy to the
same parent.
I'm pretty sure it's not squid causing the problem, i did hunt it down to the connect system call failing (TCPTV_KEEP_INIT in /usr/src/sys/netinet/tcp_seq.h, 75 seconds on my machine, for those
who're interested). So, it might be something in the OS, maybe the
ppp package that connects me to the remote site (via dialup 33Kbps
modem) or the remote site itself (don't know what that is, maybe
Solaris the package they use is called "NetCache" or something
alike). Digging in the squid-code i found a "RETRY_CONNECT"
option in comm.c with is not enabled by default.
I did find it only in comm.c and comm.h but nowhere else.
I compiled squid with -DRETRY_CONNECT=1. When my
"connect"-timeout-problem hits me again now, squid is "re-trying" to
connect, the connect system call suceeds in less than a second and
everything works fine. At least i've not seen stuff being broken and
that's what my question is about. Since i did not find anything
in the HTML-pages or READMEs this looks a little bit like an
undocumented option to me. Is it save to use it ? Any known issues ?
Is it alpha or beta code ?
If i may make a suggestion, i would ask to change from hardcoded
( 4 retries ) to a user configurable value.

Thanks for your help on that.


PS.: I'm not subscribed to squid's mailing list. Please include in your reply.
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