Re: transperant proxy using Cisco?

From: Amos Shapira <>
Date: Wed, 07 Jan 1998 21:03:35 +0200

In message <> you write:
|You forgot ICMP "Host Unreachable, Need Fragmentation". Of course, if
|the network subject to transparent proxying has a PMTU >= MTU
|of the proxy box's interface, that is not needed.
|But if it is not the case, you must take care of the ICMP messages,
|or the remote www-servers' TCP stacks would not be able to determine
|the correct PMTU.

[ deleted ]

|The only thing we made is a slight hacking of natd package for FreeBSD.
|We use it instead of ipfilter or smth. because it's user-land and is
|quite easy to hack, e.g. for the handling of the ICMPs.

Does anyone know how to achieve the same effect with a Linux box?
(i.e. the main router of my network is a Cisco, which I hope to teach
to redirect HTTP requests to a Linux box running Squid 1.1.18).



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