RE: Squid-1.1.9 and socks

From: John Warburton <>
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 09:00:33 +1100

Hi Arjan

> I'm working on an improved socks4 patch for 1.1.19 but that's not
> yet.
> Arjan

We use socks on our squid - but we are using socks version 5. It has a
nifty shell script which allows you to socksify anything without
changing the source. So in out RunCache, we simply have the line:
     /usr/local/bin/runsocks squid -sY $conf >> $logdir/squid.out 2>&1

and that is all we have to do. Munging the code looks like too much

Make sure you use socks version 5 release 1.04, as previous versions
have had problems with squid on certain platforms. All this & more can
be found at

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