problem using Netscape 4.04 and http2 with squid 1.2beta11

From: Joe Ramey <>
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 1998 18:15:38 -0600

I'm experiencing a strange problem with Netscape 4.04 and squid
1.2beta11. I think this is a bug in Netscape, but wanted to see if
anyone else had seen this. The problem appears to be with the
Keep-Alive support in Netscape when dealing with proxies for both http
and https. I am using the same proxy and the same port for both the
http and the https proxy settings in my Netscape. If I visit some
URL, say, http://host1.dom/file , then soon afterwards try to visit an
https URL, say https://host2.dom/file , Netscape tries to access it as
an http URL. What I mean is this: I would expect Netscape to send
`CONNECT host2.dom:443' to squid, but instead, it sends `GET
http://host2.dom/file'. This is completely wrong of course. Now, if
I wait for a while so that the keep-alive proxy connection times out,
and then try visiting the same https URL, it works fine.

So, I'm pretty sure this is a bug in Netscape, but maybe I'm just
doing something wrong. Anyone else ever see this?

If I change my security proxy (https proxy) to another squid server,
or even to another port on the same server, then it works fine. Only
when both my http and https proxies are set to the same value, and
only when using squid 1.2 with its persistent connection support, do I
see this problem.

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