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From: joe shmo <>
Date: Fri, 16 Jan 1998 17:23:19 -0500

        Greetings! I am looking into setting up a squid. I'm an ISP with a
low speed connection (128Kb). MY isp just setup a squid that I can use as a
parent, but I want to setup my local squid for transparent proxy, and in the
docs, I've discovered:

"this technique has several significant shortcomings!
2.Instead it prints raw IP addresses. This is because the destination
address is determined with the getsockname(2) system call. This means the
use of a parent or sibling doesn't work correctly anymore. The parent or
sibling itself logs the URL by name not by IP address. These URLs are
different so no cache HIT occurs. This means that you lose the benefit of
reducing traffic in a caching hierarchy if you do transparent caching."

        To make things even MORE interesting, my dialup users, my router,
and squid are all on the same box, not to mention, I'm thinking of putting
my web server on there too. My "internet feed" comes through via tun0, and
my users use "slirp" because at one time, I didnt have enough IPs to go
around, although there are a few users who actually DO get a real IP, the
rest are faked (same IP as the internet link (tun0)). The machine does have
a network card in it for the local LAN with another IP that could possibly
get bound to something..?
        I do have enough resources to build a somewhat duplicate system to
simulate everything for testing, so that'll help. But I get lost in the
Squid Docs, and FAQ because of my screwy setup. BTW, I'm running FreeBSD
        Anyone have any advice on what to do here? Should I just try to do
a standalone squid using transparent proxying? Thanks for any info! and
taking the time to read this!! =)

- - - Jon Myers
The Circuit's Edge
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