Making squid answer both transparent and non-transparent?

From: Amos Shapira <>
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 1998 07:55:18 +0200


I already have Squid setup for a few months to listen on port 8080
and told my users to set this port explicitly.

Now I want to try to setup transparent proxy, but without having to
update my users about this - i.e. I want users who already set their
browsers to port 8080 to leave their browsers alone but start
forwarding users who didn't do so to port 80 of my Squid server
(that's because the Cisco router can't rewrite the destination TCP
port, can it?).

The FAQ says that it assumes that Squid already listens on port 80, is
it possible to leave squid to listen on port 8080 for proxy requests
and add port 80 for non-proxy ("accel_mode"?) requests?

Unless I am missing something, it seems to me that as far as the Squid
logic is concerned, it shouldn't care how many ports it listens on
(meybe allow multiple "http_port" ports?), it probably listens on
multiple addresses when "incoming_tcp" is used more than once, doesn't

Another option I was thinking about is to setup squid to listen on
port 80 as the FAQ says and have some simple application on port 8080
which will pass port 8080 to port 80. Would that work? Would it hurt
performance significantly?

(Environment - Squid 1.1.20 under Linux 2.0.32 with libc6 (Debian
"hamm"), Cisco 2501 (IOS 11.1) as main router).



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