Re: Making squid answer both transparent and non-transparent?

From: Amos Shapira <>
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 1998 21:14:37 +0200

In message <> you writ
|Options as I see them..
|1> Check out the multi-port listen code that is (somewhere) on
| that was written by an Australian who works/worked
|for Access One, a large provider here in Australia. I don't believe it's
|for the latest version of squid of course, but it shouldn't be too hard to
|adapt, should it?

I looked at the patches. They look pretty trivial but th hassle of applying
these to a later version might not worth it if option 2 prooves to be
useable at least until 1.2 stabilizes.

|2> Redirect port 80 locally to port 8080 locally. Easy to achieve under
|linux with standard firewall-type tools like ipfwadm.

Looked at this. It really seems to be just what Linux intended for. Will
have to re-compile the kernel (so I'll upgrade to 2.0.33 in the process)
to add the transparent proxy option.

|3> Write a program to redirect port 80 to port 8080. Not as elegant as #2
|and most likely no where near as fast, and higher load.

Yes, a very ugly solution, I admit. (at least two more copies of the data
in each direction, context switches, etc...).

Thanks. I'll report back to the list when I get around to do this.


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