Auto Resume proxy downloads

From: Steve Judge <>
Date: Wed, 21 Jan 1998 14:47:12 +1100

Does squid support auto resumes on downloads ??
There is a product out on the market now called Go!Zilla that when you
choose a file for downloading through your browser it goes out and finds
the fastest download site for you to get it from over the net. It also
supports resuming of aborted downloads if the server or proxy server
supports it.
It lets you put your proxy server in the settings which works great!
But, when downloading with proxies turned on in Go!Zilla it comes up with
download cannot be resumed, but as soon as proxies are turned off it
reports that downloads can be resumed.
This was downloading from ftp sites.

Is resuming of aborted downloads supported by squid at all or going to be
in the future as this sort of thing will be coming up a lot i'd say in
future ???
We're currently using squid 1.1.11 under linux.

If anyone wants to look at the program it's at:

Steve Judge
Managing Director
Globec Internet Services Pty Ltd
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