Re: squid.conf

From: Kevin Greenwood <>
Date: Sun, 25 Jan 1998 18:33:16 +1100

   I have a question, is it possible to make squid reread the squid.conf file?
  I have a small network at home which accesses the Internet through my
linux box, with autodial via diald. The problem is if I specify my ISP's
proxy-cache as a parent to squid, squid dails the network as soon as it
starts, even with the -D command. To cure this I would like to have two
squid.conf files one for offline,, and one for online,
squid.conf.on; and have the correct file copied to the file squid.conf as
pppd is brought up or closed; Then have squid reread the file everytime the
inetrnet connection changes state.
  If anyone knows how make squid reread the squid.conf file I would realy
appreciate their suggestions

Kevin Greenwood
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