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From: Dodd Graham Civ UCSS/SCBS <graham.dodd@dont-contact.us>
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 1998 10:03:32 +0100

Hi Squidders,
                need some help with my stats gathering

My Setup:

I'm using Iain Lea's squid-stats v1.4
squid.conf has logfile_rotate set to 1
crontab entry is 55 23 * * * root /stats/stats.sh
In stats.sh there is an entry to kill squid, before processing the logs
        kill -USR1 $PID ($PID is the squid pid)

        This setup works great all week, I get a really cool one page
summary that I can view with a browser, but I get NO stats for the
It seems that squid.pid disappears from /usr/local/squid/logs so the
stats.sh cannot process the logs.

Anyone got any ideas why I lose squid.pid over the weekend?


Graham K Dodd
Network Systems Analyst
DSN: 480-5670 / 5233
Fax : 480-2332
Email: Graham.Dodd@ramstein.af.mil
Received on Mon Jan 26 1998 - 01:09:41 MST

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