Re: squid-1.2.beta11

From: Stewart Forster <>
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 1998 12:00:58 +1100

> If you make sure that -lpthread is available on SQUID_LIBS one way or
> another, then it should compile alright. Be warned that the asyncio code
> is currently a bit unstable

        Pretty much fixed here. I've been working hard with Michael O'Reilly
to make async more stable. We now have a production stable version going
however we are waiting for beta13 to send in our patches against as we are
so far ahead (sent in 6 major patches already) that we fear things may go
awry (with the repatched patches problem).

> and inneficcient on platforms without a
> built-in thread pool (only Solaris is known to have this). Major update
> of the async-io support is expected in next beta release, addressing
> both problems..

        I have already sent in a drop-in replacement for aiops.c which fixes
the thread-pool inefficiency. A thread pool is now maintained by squid itself
and kept hot for fast async transactions. This should be there in beta13.

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