Re: Help: increase MAX_SWAP_FILE

From: Dancer <>
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 1998 20:37:32 +1000

Enrico Fermi wrote:

> I have installed Squid Cache version 1.1.19 on my linux box. This
> program is allright for about one month and then when I try to use the
> cache Squid kill himself.
> The message in the cache log file tell something about MAX_SWAP_FILE
> parameter. I have seen an
> advertissement on increase of the value of this parameter.

Yes, the information about this has been posted to this list many times
since the release of 1.1.19.

> In witch file is there MAX_SWAP_FILE parameter ?

In one of the source files, but you don't actually need to change it.

> While happen this ?

Read the documentation, release notes, and the FAQ. The answers are there.

> My I have something help ?

Yes, you can do something about it. Look in your squid.conf. Find the
parameter that says 'store_avg_object_size 20' and change it so that it
reads 'store_avg_object_size 13'.

Restart squid. Problem goes away.

> Thanks in advance. Paolo Santinelli

You're welcome.


Did you read the documentation AND the FAQ?
If not, I'll probably still answer your question, but my patience will
be limited, and you take the risk of sarcasm and ridicule.
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