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From: Daniel Kiracofe <>
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 1998 20:29:07 +0000 ( )

Joeseph Shmoseph <> wrote:

> I've looked though the FAQ, and User's guide, and I must have
>missed it. Is there a section somewhere that tells recomendations of
>what hardware is needed for a squid server? I'm an ISP with just 16
>dialups, about 80 users, and wondering if I should toss Squid on my
>"everything" computer (FreeBSD k6-233, 64megs, 98% idle, dedicated
>4 gig scsi for squid), or slap together another little machine (386-40,
>20 meg, with the 4 gigger in it) for a dedicated squid box?

 I'd say maybe somewhere in the middle. It really depends on how
much you plan on growing in the future. I know a friend with an ISP
about your size, and he has a 486DX-100 with 1.4 Gig IDE disk and 48 Meg
RAM and it's just about right...

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