Re: Is there a Squid port for NT going on?

From: Bill Wichers <>
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 1998 00:23:46 -0500 (EST)

I have found that many of our clients don't care what OS runs on a box
that is sold as a "package"... Some of our clients have specialized Linux
machines that they got from us the same way they would buy a router or
whatever -- the box sites at their site (next to the router :-) without a
keyboard or monitor (keyboard disabled in the BIOS). We build the machines
into mid tower cases and configure them as "Internet servers", which
basically means they run Squid, Linux, Apache, BIND, and occasionally Pine
or some other nice-to-users mail app. We manage the machine for the client
just like we manage their router. None of our clients have even asked what
OS these machines run. All they care is that it works, and it doesn't take
up much space in their wiring closet. Perhaps something like this would
work for you?

As for coding new Squid stuff, nobody seems to have the time. I would love
to see a multithreaded Squid (UNIX can use multiple processors too! :-)
since I think this might be of benefit on some heavily loaded caches.
There have been some cache admins who have expressed an interest in this,
but there doens't appear to be enough interest to actually make it happen.
On a UNIX platform, Squid's processor needs don't usually present a
problem. Time is spent making Squid's disk I/O and connection I/O as
fast and clean as possible. A LOT of effort is being put into the handling
of object expiration periods (note the nifty new meta-in-object stuff in
the 1.2 beta). I don't have the coding know-how to do much multithreading
work myself, but there might be some others on the list that could help


On Sun, 1 Feb 1998, van der Stock, Andrew J wrote:

> I'm running squid on unix, but I'd dearly love it to work on NT boxen as
> well; our smaller sites do not have Unix there, and they do have NT. For
> those who advocate the use of freeware OS's, there are a number of
> problems with that:
> * it may not fit with corporate strategy (ie we will only have NT (and
> minimal Solaris for the mainframe replacement jobs; even then there is a
> push to move these applications to NT within five years) in less than
> two years servicing > 5000 users in > 20 hospitals and clinics)
> * it is sometimes easier to have a product that will run on a variety of
> OS's (see the RC5 distributed client for a good example!) than not to
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