How to disable the direct access for cgi-bin & ?

From: G Muthukumar <>
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 1998 20:27:51 -0500 (GMT)


        I am running squid-1.1.16 beta on a BSDI 3.0 machine. I have to
configure squid do the following:

        1. Connect directly to the internal web servers

        2. Forward all other requests to a parent cache (Netscape proxy server)

        I was partially successful in configuring the above. My problem is that
when squid finds cgi-bin or ? in the URL, it tries to retrieve the URL directly
whereas it has to go through the parent cache (This squid does not have direct
internet connection). I get the following error message:

While trying to retrieve the URL:

The following error was encountered:

       Connection Failed

The system returned:

    (37) Operation already in progress

This means that:

    The remote site or server may be down. Please try again soon.

        I cannot use inside_firewall directive to achieve the above since I have
to connect to the internal servers directly. (If I set inside_firewall to none,
the above problem is solved but I cannot connect to my internal servers
directly anymore)

        I tried changing hierarchy_stoplist, but whatever I do, squid always
tries to retrive the page DIRECTLY (whereas other requests are correctly
forwarded to the parent cache; there is no problem)

        I tried setting firewall_ip too. I still get the same error but if I see
the logs, it now says NONE.
        Is there anyway to solve my problem? Please help.



        I tried the above with a Linux machine running squid-1.1.19. Here also,
it works only if I set inside_firewall to none.
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