RE: squid on VMS

From: Armistead, Jason <>
Date: Tue, 03 Feb 1998 18:55:00 -0500

Hi James

I've been away from the office for a while, but I have just not got
around to replying to all the e-mail messages that accumulated (believe
me there were TONS).

Unfortunately my VMS port of Squid has ground to a halt, mainly because
I don't have any time spare (such is the life of a man with a job, a
wife, an 18 month-old boy, a new house, a mortgage, several work
projects at once, and a gliding course).

If you wish to port Squid to VMS, then I wish you all the best, but
alas, I can't really promise to be of any assistance for the immediate

I've cc-ed the Squid list in case anyone else was also looking for a VMS
port, or hoping I might produce one.

I guess I'll have to keep with Solaris for the moment.



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> From: James Wilkinson[]
> Sent: Saturday, 24 January 1998 10:23
> To: Armistead, Jason
> Subject: Re: squid on VMS
> Resend of previous message - just want to make sure you received it.
> I
> guess I would like to know if you and/or someone else is actually
> porting
> Squid to OVMS. If so I can probably help in some fashion. If not, I
> need to make myself an alternative plan. I'm using the CERN proxy
> and as I'm sure you are aware it isn't exactly up to the task.
> Thanks!
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> Date: Wed, 14 Jan 1998 15:38:47 -0800
> From: James Wilkinson <>
> To: "Armistead, Jason" <>
> Subject: Re: squid on VMS
> Hi Jason,
> I spoke with you a while back about helping test a port of squid, and
> you
> mentioned you might have something around New Years. So if there is
> any-
> thing you'd like to see tested, let me know. Thanks.
> James
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