refresh_pattern question

From: RL <>
Date: Fri, 06 Feb 1998 09:07:19 -0500


I am new to squid, and am using it as a local http accellerator.

I have a site which changes frequently, and I want to make sure that squid
checks to see if pages have changed on a regular basis.

What refresh_pattern would I use to have squid check every 60 minutes to see
if an object has been updated? What I want is for it to check each object
every 60 minutes (if there is a request), but not check again for another 60

I'm unclear about how the parameters of refresh_pattern work. We have:

refresh_pattern regex min percent max

I understand that min refers to the minimum age something has to be before
it is checked. But is that minimum time since the LAST check, or minimum
time since the last-modified date on the file?

Likewise, does max refer to time since last check or time since
last-modified date on the file?

Also, regarding the regex. I assume it refers to a regex describing the
objects? So what would work for all objects, the default of:

Or would one use :

? Are paths permitted, such as:

(which I would hope would control everything in the /mydir tree)?

Thanks for any help!
R. Laderman
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