Re: Squid to two Proxy's ...

From: Edwin Culp <>
Date: Mon, 09 Feb 1998 08:08:12 -0600

Daniel Flinkmann wrote:
> This would also not work.
> I found the wrong config.
> I have to change to the following:
> never_direct allow all

I think a lot of us get stuck here. Couldn't someone add an
example to the squid.conf to replace the XXX that it has?
I would be glad to do it if someone will direct me as to
the change procedures.

Another place where I and from what I have seen on the list
is with round-robin as suggested below.

> then everything work via the proxy :-)
> Daniel
> if you have more than one parent, then 'single_parent_bypass' is
> meaningless.
> You probably want to use round-robin.
> cache_host foo parent 3128 3130 round-robin
> cache_host bar parent 3128 3130 round-robin
> Duane W.
> ---------------------------------------------------------------
Has anyone been able to get round-robin to distribute load. I tried
most of the day yesterday and it would use the first parent only.
It doesn't seem to be doing what it says in distribute the load
to the parent that has been consulted less.

I was trying 1.2beta14 yesterday, but have tried almost all and have
never been successful.


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