Netscape 4 slow to exit

From: Kenn Humborg <>
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 1998 14:27:11 -0000

I've recently installed Squid version 1.NOVM.18 (obtained from, if it matters) on kernel 2.0.33.

My clients are Netscape 4.04 on Win95.

Everything is fine except when I close Netscape. Sometimes
one of Netscape's connections to the proxy goes into a
CLOSE_WAIT state and Netscape itself doesn't exit until
this times out and the connection closes.

However, the main Netscape window disappears immediately,
thus giving my users the impression that it has closed.
Trying to run netscape again before this first one exits completely
doesn't work - no splash screen, just the 'program starting'
mouse pointer for a short while.

Has anybody else seen this?


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