Re: address field in ICP

From: Duane Wessels <>
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 1998 11:55:05 -0700

Hiroyuki Inoue writes:

>When I was modifying ICP packet on squid, I noticed the field "shostid"
>of ICP packet is in wrong byte order with little endian host.
>This field should be represented in network byte order.
>In icp.c of squid-1.1.20, "shostid" field is converted with
>htonl() or ntohl() functions.
>It is not necessary to convert it, isn't it ?
>Because the address structure "struct in_addr" in the memory is always
>represented in network byte order on any host.
>In current squid implementaion it is not used, but I am worried...

Yes, I think you are correct....

I'll change it for the current versions.

Duane W.
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