Re: squid as proxy-only, no-cache

From: Janos Farkas <Janos.Farkas-nouce/>
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 11:55:48 +0100

On 1998-02-12 at 07:29:37, Alp wrote:
> It there a way to configure squid 1.2.beta14 as proxy-only without caching
> anyting locally the disk?

There was a reply already (but it might not be a full answer, are you talking
about squid caching some objects on disk regardless of proxy-only?)

But I'm currently having a problem related to proxy-only. Since I have just a
few smaller boxen, I configured squid on all of them, and made them all
proxy-only siblings. This way, every object is only taking up space on only
one of the proxies, and it seems to work largely as supposed.

However, all these caches are siblings of the cache of another site, and
sometimes, that cache is getting a TCP_MISS from our caches. (Obviously, only
local clients are allowed to fetch misses). I think the following happens: the
other site sends ICP_QUERIES to our caches, and, as advertised, sometimes we
have the objects they are asking for.

BUT, it seems, they are not always getting an ICP reply from all our caches,
particularly, I saw several times that the other site's cache is getting a
TCP_MISS/403 from (say) ourcache-a for an object which would be a TCP_MISS/200
SIBLING_HIT/ourcache-b for our clients. Why does this happen? Or, does this
really result in a permission denied error at the other site's client? If not,
it's not an issue, but I'm concerned about that, since it could cause objects
sporadically not loaded in the browser.

Does the ICP reply code has access to objects which are not really "here"?
Both ourcache-a and ourcache-b is running 1.2b14, btw. I know, but it works
quite well.. :)

For now, I just got rid of proxy-only (although it would be a perfect solution
to not have all the frequented objects everywhere, and I'd like to do that way
in the future), and it seems this avoids the above situation.

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