RE: a broken FTP site

From: Redfern Ian <>
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 1998 19:31:00 -0000

Yes, but AFAIK Squid doesn't break the pathname into components and CWD
into each one. It does RETR /doc/pcnet/compression, which fails, then
CWD /doc/pcnet/compression, which fails, (possibly without the leading
/) then gives up.

Ian Redfern (
Subject: RE: a broken FTP site
Date: 13 February 1998 6:40pm

> ---> RETR doc/pcnet/compression
> 550 doc/pcnet/software: No such file or directory.

of course RFC-1738 3.2.2 says this is unreliable anyway. but surely
you already knew that.

>> here's a URL ftpget breaks:
>> <URL:>

Hume Smith

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