Re: Squid Objects

From: Duane Wessels <>
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 1998 21:55:13 -0700

Yee Man Chan writes:

>Hi, the Great Squid Hackers,
>I am beginner of Squid. I appreciate any assistance provided.
>1. How can Squid access an object from the local disk? I didn't find
>any member in ipcache_entry that looks like a pointer to an object in
>disk. Can anyone tell me how I can obtain the file descriptor/file pointer
>and other file-related info in Squid?

Every object on disk is assigned a file number. This number is
mapped to a disk pathname. Look in store.c for storeSwapFullPath()
or something like that. The file number is written to the swap

>2. What is the difference between store and ipcache/fqdncache? What is the
>difference between a store with a MemObj and without?

The FAQ answers this.

>3. Are there any Developer's Guide, Walkthrough for Squid source code out
>there, right?

We're working on it, but not very quickly. See the 1.2 distribution
for the most recent version.

Duane W.
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