Re: replacing doubleclick, etc. ads

From: P. T. Withington <>
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 1998 13:31:30 -0000

On 2/25/98 14:46, Tilman Schmidt wrote:

>At 20:21 02.02.98 +0100, Lionel Bouton wrote:
>>At 18:33 02/02/98 , Lauri Laupmaa wrote:
>>>How could one squid user replace standard size ads from doubleclick,
>>>etc with some fixed size bitmap ???
>>Here is what I used with some success:
>It seems that you need your own web server on host "www" in order to
>serve the replacement bitmap with that approach. Is there a way to do
>it without running a web server of my own - just Squid (and perhaps a
>small Perl or C hack)?

Have you checked out
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