Re: squid-1.1.20, IE4 and HTTP 302 redirects

From: Dancer <>
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 1998 01:00:50 +1000

David J N Begley wrote:

> On Fri, 27 Feb 1998, Dancer wrote:
> > But then, I have yet to go to a web-sit that uses .asp documents that
> > doesn't have a bunch of weird-ass bugs (It's okay boys and girls, I'm
> > australian. We're casually profane, by nature. It's considered polite here),
> Bloody oath.
> > dead links and script-crashes. is a good example. (or a
> > bad one. Take your pick).
> One of my users wanted FP server extensions installed on Apache; to be
> fair, I went over to "" to read up on
> it. Oops! Netscape Navigator 4.04 crashes consistently on this page (bug
> reported to Netscape - the browser shouldn't crash). Figures, eh?
> But I digress from the topic...

Won't 'ave it in the 'ouse. I don't need security holes like that on my systems.
If they want to play with frontpage extensions, they can fund their own webserver.


Did you read the documentation AND the FAQ?
If not, I'll probably still answer your question, but my patience will
be limited, and you take the risk of sarcasm and ridicule.
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