Re: Telnetting and send mail throung a squid server

From: Oskar Pearson <>
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 1998 11:47:11 +0200


(try not to mail everyone who has ever looked at squid straight off :)

> I need some help with squid.
> I configured it and it runs like a bomb, with proxying & caching.
> But e-mail (SMTP, port 25) does not come through. I can also not telnet
> or ping from the inside network to the outside.

> Routing between interfaces is disable here. SMTP/POP3 running like a
> bomb.

(Yes - to all non-south-africans - that means it's working..)

> Inside network, NTserver running Exchange Server 5.0. Mail server for
> internal network.
> The mail get sent to UNIX and stays there, saying there is no where else
> to go. At this point they can send mail outwards onto the internet
> because in Exchange all mail is forwarded to the UNIX server, and from
> there on outward.

As someone else said: Squid only does HTTP, FTP(in http mode), gopher,
and HTTPS.

You need to check out something like 'plug-gw' (should come with
the firewall-toolkit...). It'll listen on the outside and push connections
through to the inside... If you want to do ICMP it's a different story...
if that's the case you may as well turn routing on on the unix box...


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