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From: P. T. Withington <>
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 1998 14:07:12 -0500

On 2/27/98 13:32, Dancer wrote:

>P. T. Withington wrote:
>> On 2/26/98 14:43, John D. Hardin wrote:
>> >> Is .asp like .cgi? Should it not be cached to work?
>> >
>> >.asp => Active Server Pages, Microsoft's answer to CGI.
>> >
>> >You shouldn't be caching .asp URLs.
>> Meaning I should say:
>> hierarchy_stoplist cgi-bin ? .asp
>> cache_stoplist cgi-bin ? .asp
>> in my squid.conf?
>> Why is this not the default?
> Because Microsoft change the rules every release. Some releases you
>could use normal caching rules on. Some you couldn't. Some were
>desirable to cache, in violation of normal caching standards.
>It's not the default because there isn't anything stable to default _to_
>as far as .asp's go, and because the various problems with them to date
>have been poorly documented, poorly corroborated, and (in most cases)
>hardly noticed by cache-administrators, and if noticed, then dealt with
>on a site-by-site basis according to the needs and patterns of the
>Squid is a tool. How it is actually applied is largely up to you. Duane
>may have a head full of brain-cells, but he doesn't have enough to go
>around to think for us all. Leastways, I don't _think_ so... :)

Ok, cool. I'm not a web-wiz, so I was mostly looking for confirmation
that I'm doing the right thing. Squid worked so well for me right out of
the box I guess I fooled myself into thinking it was omniscient!
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