Re: squid.conf (udp_incoming/outgoing_address)

From: James R Grinter <>
Date: Sun, 1 Mar 1998 11:12:17 +0000

On Sun 1 Mar, 1998, Matthew Petach <mattp@Internex.NET> wrote:
>Hm. All *available* interfaces. What about running the NIC
>in promiscuous mode, and simply having squid listen for ANY
>inbound packet destined for whatever port the conf file specifies?
>That way, you can remove the requirement for the ipfwadm, etc.

that wouldn't work.

consider that if you put your ethernet interface into promiscuous mode
(eg by running tcpdump) your machine's IP stack doesn't suddently start
interpreting every single ethernet frame as being for itself.

you'd need to modify your kernel to accept them all, be sure that
nothing else was going to take the packets and send them anywhere,
and probably some other major hackery. By which time it's probably
not worthwhile trying it this way.

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