RE: Squid Error Messages.

From: Armistead, Jason <>
Date: Sun, 01 Mar 1998 22:48:00 -0500

> From: Chris Keladis[]
> Sent: Monday, 2 March 1998 13:57
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> Subject: Squid Error Messages.
> Hi folks,
> I am just wondering is it impossible to add small jpg's to Squid 1.2's
> error
> message reply's?
No reason why not, assuming the HTML and the content/type are OK. The
browser should get the images too.

> I modified the HTML to add a picture but it just loads up the square
> where
> the picture should be..
First, do you have a web server running on the proxy ? Squid can't
return HTTP requests for the images itself - remember it's just a proxy,
not a web server.

Check that you have the right URL references in terms of fully qualified
host name, HTTP port, absolute "server path" (rather than directory
path), file capitalisation etc. You can't use a relative URL for the
<IMG SRC="xxxx.jpg">, because it would be relative to the requesting
page, not relative to the error message generated by Squid which doesn't
really have a URL at all. Also, make sure that all the < and >
characters are around the tags. You can "Save As ..." the error message
to a local file, or one in your web server tree, and see if it works.

Also, check your web server log to see that the file was even requested
by the browser. The square could be the result of <IMG HEIGHT=x
WIDTH=y> tags alone. Is there a "broken" image in the square ?

Finally, the browser "View -> Document Info" (ala Netscape) will allow
you to see what pages/images should be loaded to form the page.

> Maybe i should make it link to another document and then link it off
> from
> there?
Nope, it should work as-is, if the configuration is all set right.


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