From: Colin Rhodes <>
Date: Tue, 3 Mar 1998 14:38:28 +1000

This would be the NT wingate I assume? The language is very unclear. If we are not talking about NT disregard what follows

Then the first line uses the echo port (udp 7) which won't work with an out of the box NT server. (Do a netstat -a in a cmd session and look for something listening on UDP port 7!)

I would have thought you'd have dead parent messages in the log file?


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Hello Folks

        I configured my squid to fetch from my upstream ISP's wingate
or winproxy using Satellite download only. It seems that i'm not getting
any "parent hit". I called my ISP and said that there are no request
from my proxy registering in their log. Does this mean that their are
incompatiblities in the way different proxies forward their request which
may cause squid's request to be ignored, btw if i use their proxy directly
in my browser there is no problem.

FYI, this is what i placed in my squid.conf

cache_host my.isp.proxy parent 80 7 no-query
cache_jost my.other.proxy sibling 3128 3130 proxy-only



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