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From: Luciano Mannucci <>
Date: Tue, 3 Mar 98 17:22:17 MET

> [I'm coming a little late to this...]
me too ... :)

> This is being unfair to PN. The data encoding is not published, but they
> have been very open about publishing the required information about the
> control channel to allow people to write proxies etc. I have found them
> to be extremely helpful with this sort of thing ever since I spent a few
> email messages persuading them to allow me to see the original proxy form
> without an NDA so that I could release the RealAudio help app for the
> Linux IP masquerading under GPL. They took those comments on board and
> ever since they have had the firewall development toolkit available for
> download (you just need to fill in a web form).
Could you post the URL, please?

> However adding RA proxying into squid is unnecessary and purely bloating
> squid for not great gain.
I do agree strongly.

luciano mannucci, new squidder :)

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