From: Michael Greve Molbech <Admin2@dont-contact.us>
Date: Tue, 3 Mar 1998 18:34:37 +0100

Hi !!!

I would like to hear if anybody could solve my little problem :

My problem is to use TWO WAN connection with a form of loadbalancing
between two squid severs.
 The two WAN connection have there own IP network ex 192.168.0.X for
WAN A (with squid A) and 192.168.1.X for WAN B (with squid B).
WAN A is overloaded or slower than WAN B, then squid A should
forward the request to WAN B/SQUID B a.k.a loadbalancing between the
WAN connections.

I have read the child/parent document by oskar, but I can't get it
working !!!!!

/Michael Molbech
The Engineering College of Aarhus
System Management
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