Re: Parents and Peers

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Wed, 04 Mar 1998 00:33:21 +0100

Clement wrote:
> The 2 peers are seldom used. Most likely their RTT is longer than the
> parents, 39 - 55 mS vs 26 - 33 mS. However the peers cost me nothing
> but the parents do. Is there is way to tell squid to use the peers
> whenever possible?

The weight only applies to misses == parents. I don't think there is a
way to change Squids HIT selection from "first HIT".

> With the parents, I thought there will not no direct traffic.

Squid tries to go direct, when there is no good reason why it should go
throught a parent.
* Requests matching hierarchy_stoplist
* Non GET operations (POST, PUT, ...)
* SSL connections (CONNECT method)
* "Pragma: no-cache" requests (users pushing reload)

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