Re: PICS support, an idea & call for help

From: Lee Shakespeare <>
Date: Fri, 06 Mar 1998 16:17:23 +0000

Mike Wohlgemuth wrote:
> Does anyone see any problems with doing this. If not, does anyone
> want to help? Someone with a good understanding of the Squid source
> would help immensely.

A few weeks ago, I suggested in a round about way, extending the new
authenticator servers from Arjan de Vet to included PICs support.
Perhaps it was the confused way I approached it, but no one has picked
up on it.

My suggestion was to include the requested URL along with the UserName
and Password which is sent to the authentication server. This would
allow the external authenticator to contact the PICS database and decide
if the page should be allowed.

Keeping the PICs authenticator separate from the main squid process
would allow PICs support to be developed quicker, but would probably be
far less efficient than integrating it directly into squid.

Anyone have any comments?


Lee Shakespeare :
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